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Q1. How to sign up

We provide sign up using your email address or log in using your Facebook account. If you chose to log in with Facebook account, use the email address or phone number you registered with Facebook. You can set new password in your profile to be able to log in through both ways next time.


Wherever you see a product you can shop it: simply select your size and quantity and click Add to Cart. When you’re ready to place your order, click Check Out to confirm Product Information and fill in Delivery & Payment Method and click Proceed to Checkout. In the next page, fill in Customer Info & Delivery Detail, select Create an Account with Baisky, and click Place Order. After the order is sent, an account will be automatically created and we will send an email with instructions to the email address you have filled in before you check out. To finish the sign-up process, click on View Order in the email we sent to you to sign up as Baisky member. To avoid the account from being overdue, make sure the sign-up is done within 30 minutes.


Q2. Forgot your password

If you forgot your password, click Menu and select Sign In from the sidebar menu, or click Log in at the bottom of the main page. Click Forgot Your Password? Type the email address you use for Baisky and click Send Me Reset Password Instructions! You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password in a few seconds. Click Reset My Password in the email we sent to you to set new password. 

Q3. Forgot the email address signed up at your first shopping with Baisky

Please contact with our Customer Service to help you get back your account.


Q4. How do I change my personal information and password

After you log in to Baisky, click Menu and select Profile from the sidebar menu to change your email address, password, phone number and delivery address.


Q6. Why am I often not receiving Email notifications

Check your spam folder to make sure you are not missing email notifications from Baisky. If you don’t use the mailboxes as below, follow the setting instructions for the emailbox you use to check.

 Yahoo! Mail

Click on the Spam folder and select Baisky’s email. Click Not Spam at the top of the page, or add Baisky to Yahoo! Mail contacts.


Click on the Spam folder and select Baisky’s email. Click Not Spam.

Q1. Shopping Process

Shopping online with Baisky is really simple. You don’t have to sign up as a member to start shopping with us. Our easy-to-use shopping cart system will make you enjoy the fun of convenient shopping. By registering with Baisky, you can also enjoy the benefits of the more convenient order management and customer service.

Please note, before your order is checked out, the selected products in your shopping cart are not reserved from stock quantity. The stock will be allocated by checkout sequence.


Q2. What payment options does Baisky have

Current payment options we provide

1.Credit Card

VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay


Transfer, Remittance, Deposit without Bankbook

3.Convenience Store Pick-up & Pay-up

7-11 Convenience Store Pick-up

4.Cash on Delivery(+NT 50)

Charge extra NT 50 handling charge fee at delivery to door.

To provide a more stable shopping environment, we cooperate with ECPay platform to process credit card transaction. All payments made on the baisky website are encrypted using secure technology and your card details are not retained in Baisky database.


Q4. How to check order status

This service is limited to registered members. Once you sign in, click Menu and select Orders. Then you can check all the order status. 

Q5. Can I change my order including cancelling, adding, editing ordered q’ty and size, or combining orders to save shipping charge after the order is placed

Once you’ve placed your order, the order can’t be edited, added or combined through the system. If you need to edit your order, you can either fill in your request in Shop and Customer Comments displayed under your order detail, or click on Message on the upper right hand page to fill out your request of cancelling your order, and re-place your order again.

 If your status reads Pending, we suggest you to cancel your order and to re-place order on the correct product again. If your order is being processed, please contact with our customer service to cancel the order to stop shipping process. If the parcel is delivered to logistics center, you can no longer cancel the order.

In the event that you wish to return the product purchased from Baisky, please arrange to return the product within 7 days trial period. Please ensure that the product you are returning is repackaged with all the packing materials, free gift and invoice that were included when you received it.

Note: To avoid the situation of not able to edit the order, please double check the product quantity and size (and we strongly recommend you to refer to the sizing guide when shopping) before you place an order


Q6. The customer service told me the “sold out” products will not be replenished but they appear available again after that

Those sold out but appear available again products come from those no collect order or returned orders. The returned products will be put back in stock. This condition is not common and we can’t control the quantity so we can’t provide notice of goods arrival service to you. Thanks for your understanding.


Q6. How to count the 7 days trial period

According to Consumer Protection’s Act, Baisky provides the products you ordered with 7 days trial period. It starts from the next day until the 7th day the parcel was picked up and signed for by the receiver. If the delivered parcel is signed for by leasing office, the trial period starts from the next day the parcel is signed for. Please pay attention to the shipment notification.


If you have any questions about returning the product for exchange or a refund, please refer to Returns or Exchange.

Q1. What shipping options does Baisky have? How much is the shipping charge

Free shipping is subject to our online non-periodical promotional activity. The order amount from separate orders can’t be combined.

Current shipping options we provide

1. Convenience Store CollectNT 80

We offer free shipping on single order over NT 3,000.

Your order will be dispatched to the convenience store you chosen. When the parcel arrives at designated convenience store, it will send a text message and an email to you. To collect the prepaid order at convenience store, please provide your real name to us.

For your right and to avoid any wrong parcel collect issue due to human error, when collecting your order at convenience store, the clerk will ask to check your ID to make sure it matches with the receiver’s name. If your ID does not match with the receiver’s name, your collecting might be rejected. Therefore, please make sure you provide a real name.

2. Convenience Store Pay & CollectNT 100

Your order will be dispatched to the convenience store you chosen. When the parcel arrives at designated convenience store, it will send a text message and an email to the receiver.

Please note, there is a shipment limitation for convenience store collection service. When the parcel’s dimensions of your order exceeds maximum dimensions, our customer service will notify you to help you choose another shipping method. If you decide to collect your order at convenience store, please separate your order and the shipping charge will be counted separately.

3. Home DeliveryMain Island NT 80 / Outer Island NT 160

We offer free shipping on single order over NT 3,000.

We cooperate with HCT home delivery service. The driver will contact with you before delivering your parcel to delivery address. Please make sure your phone is reachable.

4. ash on DeliveryNT 160

We cooperate with HCT home delivery service. The driver will contact with you before delivering your parcel. Please make sure your phone is reachable. The cash on delivery service only accepts cash payment. To show your consideration toward the hard-working courier, please prepare enough change.

If the delivered shipment is not signed for or is rejected, it will be recorded in our member information. If there are more than two records, you will no longer be able to choose to ship your order through cash on delivery service.

5. Store Collect

Collect your order from us: No.38, Sec. 4, Zhongqing Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428, Taiwan (R.O.C.)      

For above shipping methods, if single order amount is lower than free shipping threshold after product is returned, it will be deducted with NT 80 shipping charge from returned order payment.


Q2. How to change delivery address? Or convenience store collection point

If you chose home delivery service, please fill in your request of editing delivery info in Shop and Customer Comments displayed under your order detail. If you chose convenience store collect, we are sorry that we can’t make any change because convenience store collection system is separated from ours. Please cancel the order before it is shipped and re-place the order again.

Once order is cancelled, it cannot be recovered.

Once order is being packaged, you can no longer change your order.

Please note, when re-placing your order, the availability of the product is subject to currently displayed stock quantity.


Q3. Can the order be sent to outer islands

Outer island order will be dispatched by post office. The delivery will take 3 to 7 days. 


Q4. How long can I receive my order

For normal order (not include non pre-sell, backordered products): order placed by 3pm. Order shipped on the same day.

No order shipped on weekend and national holidays. Order will be shipped the following day if the order is placed after due time. The actual shipment is subject to the quantity of your order, might be either in advance or be postponed. If the shipment of your order is postponed, our customer service will notify you or update in Notice.

● Home delivery: Order shipped on the same day. Delivery the following day. Delivery to the remote area will take 2 to 4 days.

● Convenience store collect:  Order shipped on the same day. It will take around 3 days to arrive at collection point.


Q5. How can I track an order

There will be a tracking number displayed under the shipped order in Orders. Click on “Delivery Status Tracking”, another window will be opened. Then fill in the tracking number to follow the progress of your order.


Q6. How to pick up my order at convenience store

When receiving parcel arrival notification email or text message, please collect your order at designated collection point. Inform your name to check if it is the right parcel and pay the full amount if it’s pay & collect service you chose. If you are not around for collect, it is acceptable to let your friends/family to collect on your behalf. Please collect the parcel within 7 days after it arrived at collection point. The overtime parcel will be returned to logistics center.

Please note, for prepaid product with only collect service, please bring your own ID, driver’s license or health insurance card with photo to collect parcel at designated collection point. Prepaid product can only be collected in person.


Q7. What to do if I didn’t collect the order within specified period

If you didn’t collect the order from designated convenience store within specified period, the product will be sent back to us and the order will be automatically cancelled and it will not be dispatched again. Please re-place your order if you still would like to purchase the product.

Please note, if you didn’t collect or reject the parcel for many times, it will affect your payment method for future orders with us.


Q8. Can I change collection point of my store collect order

The convenience store pay &collect service is connecting with convenience stores order system, but not with our system. Once the order is submitted, the collection point cant be changed if its not due to collection points temporary service stop reason. You can log in and click on Orders to check order status. If the order is not packaged yet, you can contact our customer service to cancel order, and re-place order to select correct collection point.


Q9. Can I adjust the collection period of my convenience store collect order

The collection period can’t be adjusted according to customer’s request because the collect service follows convenience store’s operation procedure.